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Barnsley Changing Squad Around After Relegation

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It has been less than 2 weeks since the Championship League concluded and Danny Wilson’s Barnsley have now dropped to the Football League One and the club is already undergoing changes in the squad as they are getting ready for the challenges that lie ahead of them.

Wilson has reacted quickly to the situation of the club by offering to their most promising young players professional permanent deals and at the same time there are a number of players which are on their way out of Oakwell.

George Smith, George Maris and Nana Boakye Boakye- Yadom are all of the young players which have been offered permanent deals.

Yiadom and Maris formed an attacking partnership during this last season which has seen them scoring 50 goals all together which has impressed the staff members of the club as well as manager Danny Wilson as they did not hesitate in giving them the opportunity on playing with Barnsley for a few more years.

George Smith on the other hand is a young defender and is tipped on having a bright future if injuries don’t burden him while some of the more influential and veteran players of the club such as Chris O’Grady, Luke Steele and Martin Cranie still have 1 more year left on their contracts.

Wilson is focusing the reconstruction of his squad of Barnsley by installing youth departments which can help the club by developing bright homegrown players but the coach stated that it’s a method which will take years before the results can be displayed but it will be well worth the effort.

‘’We’re in the early stages of rebuilding now, so it’s difficult to say, but when you start to see new players coming in it will give some people an upbeat mood. At the moment it’s a bit flat, but that will soon move.” Danny Wilson said as he revealed details concerning the condition and future of the club.

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