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Barnsley fans want Hourihane to stay

Barnsley fans have stated that they do not want their club to sell the captain ConorHourihane to Aston Villa.

Indeed Villa is looking to strengthen the team and is interested in signing the Barnsley player in the January transfer window.

Barnsley fans believe that this will weaken their team and make them less competitive in what is turning out to be a difficult season. They have already sold Sam Winnal to Sheffield Wednesday earlier in this transfer window, and they would feel that losing a player such as ConorHourihane will be dramatic for the club.

It appears that the Barnsley fans have started an online petition and gathering signatures to send to the club owner. They want to place pressure on the club in order to keep their best players.

Barnsley fans feel that the club is not being run properly and that the club is selling its best players. Long are the days when the club was in the Premier League, and fans feel that there will not be any repeat of this performance soon if the team continues to sell its best players.

They said that the owner is not putting the interest of the club first and that he is just looking at how he can make the most profit.

Barnsley is currently 8th in the table and fans will be hoping that the club will continue to push for a promotion place. However, it is the reverse that is happening with the club selling players such as Winnal and Hourinhane.

Both players have been instrumental this season in bringing the club to eight in the table, and fans feel that this would be a bad idea to sell this kind of players to teams that are in direct competition for a promotion place.

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