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Barnsley FC vs Town in Football

Barnsley FC recently secured an important 2-0 victory over Yeovil Town and Danny Wilson is impressed by how impressive his fairly young team managed to perform as the manager of Barnsley gave 3 players their chance to make their debuts while 3 other players were teenagers and they still were able to get the victory.

“With the lack of experience, lads making debuts, those coming from non-league, they did so well. It’s one of the youngest teams I’ve ever put out. The beauty of missing experienced players is that the young lads were put in one of the most physical battles they’ll have all season, came through and get a great boost of confidence.” Danny Wilson said.

Ben Pearson, George Waring and Alex Kiwomya are all of the youngsters that signed with Barnsley on a one month long loan deal but if things work out and their performance impresses Danny Wilson enough, then a permanent deal could be established.

Danny Wilson has had to act quick in the January transfer window in order to sign certain players as there have been important performers in his team that have been picking up injuries and this is one of the reasons on why the manager of Barnsley decided to sign these young players who have a chance on remaining permanently depending on how they do during their 30 days in the League One club.

Wilson is hoping that these signing will push the other players of his team to perform better and stay playing at their best in order to not lose their spot in the starting lineup of the manager.

“We certainly believe that the three new lads will push the other lads in the team. If one or two players need a kick up the backside, then that’s great because we needed that.” Wilson added on.

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