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Barnsley spent only 1 Season in Premier League

Barnsley spent one season in the Premier League and this was in 1996 when Danny Wilson guided the English team to the first time that they have ever competed in the top tier league in England but from there on out Barnsley has struggled trying to stay at the same level they were some years ago.

Danny Wilson did not only get recognize by the supporters of Barnsley by just getting the team to the Premier League but also by defeating Manchester United in the fifth round of the FA Cup.

The Premier League has been the highest point in the history of Barnsley and it will take some time for the club to get back into the elite league of England as they are struggling to find their foot in the League One with the bottom spots just being a few points away.

The January transfer window is approaching and it’s a much needed moment Wilson to search around for players that can solve some of the problems of the club with one of the main ones being in the midfield and this is a position that Danny Wilson will be focusing to upgrade in a few weeks’ time from now.

Even though earning a promotion spot in this current season seems to be rather far-fetched is still quite possible as Danny Wilson has enough talented players to try and spark the club to the top of the league but this will also depend on what happens in the January transfer window if any new players are signed and on who are going to be leaving the squad.

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