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The Barnsley manager Keith Hill has said that he is extremely unhappy with the mistake made by the linesman in the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Barnsley were facing Wolverhampton Wanderers in the opening match of the Championship season. They are hoping to get off to a good start after struggling with relegation throughout the last season. They survived in the Championship only as a result of the points deduction for Portsmouth. However, they were unable to make the perfect start to the campaign after they were defeated in the opening match by the former Premier league club.

Speaking after the match in which Barnsley lost 3-1, the manager Keith Hill has said that he is extremely disappointed at the decision taken by the linesman to award a goal that was clearly score from an offside position. The manager has said that it would have certainly changed the outcome of the match because Barnsley were in a position of getting an equaliser in the match. However, once the match went into a two-goal advantage for the home team, they were unable to prevent themselves from losing. As a result, the manager has called for video technology to be included into football.

“I have spoken with the referee and it was a match-deciding decision. So I hope he has got it right from his point of view. But it does look as though he was offside. From our point of view it is disappointing as we knew that the storm was coming. We gave the opposition what they wanted – a goal start – and that settled their nerves,” said the Barnsley manager Keith Hill after the match. It was always going to be a tough match for Barnsley given that Wolverhampton Wanderers still have a lot of players who played in the Premier league.

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