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Paul Heckingbottom wants James Bree to get more protection

The head coach of Barnsley FC, Paul Heckingbottom does not want to see James Bree get injured so consistently as he has been doing in recent times.

James Bree is a 18 year old defender who has been getting playing time in the first team despite being so young, he has already proved to have what it takes to perform along with the rest of the older figures.

One of the things that has been affecting the youngster are injuries as the English defender has picked up hamstring injuries that has left him out of action and unable to play for a number of matches.

James Bree is a clear up and rising figure that can contribute to Barnsley FC and this is why the head coach Paul Heckingbottom wants to give the youngster more protection in order for him to not sustain unnecessary or dangerous physical problems.

“Every time James has played a string of Saturday-Tuesdays it seems like he has picked up an injury. It’s something we need to certainly look at. He’s on the road to recovery but again he’s another one who has had problems in the past. Everyone’s going to miss games at some point but it’s about missing as few as possible. A part of our role with him is helping him to understand his body, what he needs, and changing his program.” Paul Heckingbottom said as he talked about James Bree and his current situation.

Paul Heckingbottom has a squad that is filled with youth performers including the likes of: James Bree, Jack Cowgill, Adam Armstrong, Ryan Kent, SaidyJanko, SessiD’Almeida, Cole Kpekawa, Elliot Lee and Callum Evans. All of these players mentioned range from 18-22 years of age which is considered to be as extremely young and Heckingbottom does not want to see any of these players that have their entire career lying ahead of them from suffering any serious injuries which can hamper their future.

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