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Pope Attract Danny Wilson’s attention

Port Vale’s Tom Pope has attracted the attention of Danny Wilson in Barnsley as the coach has already announced to the public that he will be trying to add him into the Barnsley squad in January.

The previous season of Tom Pope in Port Vale, the English forward only managed on scoring 12 goals in 43 appearances which isn’t a very jaw dropping statistic but in this new season, Pope has already managed to find the back of the net on 5 occasions in just 12 appearances for the League One Club.

If his current goal-scoring campaign continues, Pope is going to enjoy going through a much better run than the previous season. Tom Pope has been improving and this has lured the interest of Barnsley’s Danny Wilson who said that he is keeping an eye out for potential forwards to add into the squad but nothing will be done at least until January when the transfer window opens once more.

“We’re certainly still in the market for a striker. But so is everyone else at the moment. Tom Pope is a player we have enquired about, but nothing will happen until January. Whether it happens with us we’ll have to wait and see.” Danny Wilson told the press.

Tom Pope is one of the players in Port Vale that fans have been showing an affinity and appreciation as well as being one of the most highly rated as the English forward has been voted as the club’s Player of the Year for the past 2 seasons and he continues scoring goals for Port Vale.

All of these recent accolades and impact that Tom Pope has been making are some of the reasons on why Danny Wilson wants to add him into his squad at Barnsley as his arrival can help boost the attacking options of the League One club.

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