Barnsley 2 liverpool 1 krissymac

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25 thoughts on “Barnsley 2 liverpool 1 krissymac”

  1. krissboi says:

    haha propa mayt
    a cunt help misen lyk
    gora bit mental anorl

  2. 1HOLYDIVER1 says:

    hahahaha i love the shout of “fuckin knobhead” at the penalty appeal, classic mate xD

  3. dern1of5 says:

    Walk on Yooooooo Reds

  4. neily10 says:

    quality well done barnsley,wish i could wish you good luck but im a chelsea fan,but your day out brings a smile to my face everytime i watch it .

  5. krissboi says:

    no probs m8

  6. krissboi says:

    thnks good luck with cup and league

  7. krissboi says:

    chelsea at home yea lets do it

  8. krissboi says:

    ha nik there fans were shokin

  9. ChesterBoo says:

    Another BHAFC fan here. Barnsley FC, you made my weekend. Great work!

  10. garylq says:

    Another Brighton fan here, want an omen? Well we beat em by the same score in the 5th round at Anfield in 1983, then we went all the way to Wembley.

    Good luck for the next round Barnsley

  11. bobsaver says:

    Superb. Brighton fan, but enjoyed that (almost) as much as you guys did. Stick it to the Prem!

  12. brighton1973 says:

    Another Brighton fan here. This was posted on our messageboard. Incredible scenes guys. Makes you wonder whether fans of ‘big’ clubs can ever really experience anythng like this. Congrats on the amazing result and good luck in the next round.

  13. arnois2 says:

    That is brilliant. I’m a Brighton fan and days like that don’t come along very often for teams like us.

  14. Deput1 says:

    this u kriss? i got stuck right at chuffin back but least i was there . Liverpool r a PUB TEAM!!!

  15. 360Gamerz says:

    Oreyt waint know yea then lol (Y)

  16. krissboi says:

    ye m8 worsbrough

  17. 360Gamerz says:

    Sure i recognize ye

  18. 360Gamerz says:

    Were about you from around tarn mate?

  19. krissboi says:

    no problem mate

  20. anrinoz says:

    Thanks mate. Couldn’t get a ticket and my girlfriend thought I’d lost it when I started screaming. Was great to see from your perspective and see how mental you all went. Thanks mate. Gave me goose bumps.

  21. krissboi says:

    what a game great time wi mushy fukin epic

  22. waddy1978 says:

    Yes I was there watching the screen under the stand aswell ! Was quality when winner wentin, did the laps of East Stand. lol

  23. waddy1978 says:

    Unfortunately non season ticket holders got there before me cock

  24. IntelligenceExpert says:


  25. riceybfc2 says:

    us at oakwell went more mental than that we was chukin beer and running all over

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