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Barnsley fc Greatest goals

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25 thoughts on “Barnsley fc Greatest goals”

  1. Sheffutd1000, you mean Sheffield is a city from a small town, we piss on the blunts and dee dars, you reds!!!!

  2. @mufcevo Hahahahaha! I’m not a Barnsley fan but I’d love to see you in the prem.
    Vote for UKIP

  3. Ljudi,mozda se vidimo ove sezone u vasem klubu… Dobio sam ponudu da igram за овај клуб. Ја сам из Србије,играм на poziciji levog штопера.
    Nikola Spasojevic

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  5. Anyone able to tell me of our season in the Premiership,where I can find video or stats???

    That would be “magia”..

    Best of Luck all there,ye Tykes…go on

  6. Shuker= Shat!
    McPhail = Shat!
    Devaney = Class!
    Hayes = Average!
    Nardiello= Belter!
    Nardiello1= Belter!
    Nardiello2= what can i say..Class!Howard = Top drawer!
    Barnard= World class!

  7. Proud Barnsley FC Fan 4ever / Forever And Always even threw good and bad times

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