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Barnsley wants to sign Ben Pearson permanently

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Earlier in January of 2015, the 20 years old midfielder of Manchester United, Ben Pearson signed a one month long contract with Barnsley. That deal has already reached it’s end but the English League One club is interested in signing Ben Pearson on a permanent deal.

The head coach of Barnsley, Lee Johnson had nothing but praise to say concerning Ben Pearson and the manager will be attempting to do everything in his power to try and sign the youngster.

Barnsley’s Lee Johnson praised Ben Pearson as the manager said: “He’s still got a lot to learn, so I think this could be a place for him to learn. We can improve him and give him games as well. He’s a nice lad and I like him. He sometimes needs to train a little bit harder than he does, but we’re on him. But if he does then he’ll no doubt go on to have a very good career.”

It still remains unsure if Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal is interested in selling Ben Pearson as the youngster has recently been displaying huge progression. One option that seems much more likely is to see Louis van Gaal allowing Ben Pearson to leave Old Trafford for another loan deal but a permanent deal outside of Manchester United seems unlikely.

Another loan deal is a better option for Barnsley, Manchester United and the player himself. If a loan contract is agreed to, Ben Pearson will have a regular starting role in Barnsley as he earns experience. Manchester United gets the chance to have one of their most promising young figures of having playing time outside of Old Trafford.

Everyone involved with a possible loan deal would be benefited in a very positive way and now that the summer transfer window is right around the corner, this is the chance for Lee Johnson to try and negotiate a deal for the 20 year old English midfielder, Ben Pearson even if it might just be for another loan contract.

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