Giles Barnes scores 2 goals in 4 mins against Barnsley

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25 thoughts on “Giles Barnes scores 2 goals in 4 mins against Barnsley”

  1. schofield2456 says:


  2. Aretak says:

    Amazing how far his career’s gone down the shitter since then. Just been released by WBA after barely featuring last season. Looks like another one for the ‘ruined by injuries’ scrapheap, even at 22.

  3. 3kour says:

    @rever223 ah how wrong, but glad he didn’t come to us, he ain’t amazin

  4. caldcfc says:

    Fukingg Billyyy, RedDogg Dirty scumm

  5. luke9183 says:

    Nooooooo, He goin to fulham on loan n on course for perm deal.
    plz do crap so fulham dont want to sign him perm n he can come back to THE SUPER RAMS !!!

  6. richardsimpson123 says:

    mate i think u should look at the dates of the other comments!! good luck to him, hes a good player, lazy at times but if ur losing then hes a fuckin ledg lol

  7. rever223 says:

    he’s coming to fulham actually

  8. Grim798 says:

    Maybe its cause he was injured, dumbshit.

  9. davidlmartlewmcfc says:

    go giles

  10. stefus92 says:

    he is not crap in the prem…..but derby is crap in the prem…

  11. Khaleeji001 says:

    he’s coming to St James. 😉

    He’ll do fine with Derby in the Championship, why go to the barcodes?

  12. mcrjor says:

    hes crap in the prem

  13. jumpbikerrider says:

    giles barnes is a derby legend no1 can comparee with him

  14. TheToonKing says:

    he’s coming to St James. 😉

  15. euston39 says:

    He’s staying with Derby. I’m his barber and he promised me.

  16. Marcizen says:

    I hope Barnes choses West Ham!

  17. Gnagaren1891 says:

    That was’nt offside.. Barnes ownes them =) Welcome to Villa!

  18. SUCKmaaDICK says:

    mccarthy is a pig.what a moron and arrogant he is.

  19. shearuk says:

    Welcome to the Villa soon mate…

  20. Grim798 says:

    Hell no that was not offside!

    He had a hatrick!

    And the Barnsley goal was very lucky, mark my words

  21. robbieo79 says:

    Future England player; absolutely no doubt.

    The technique and natural ability is clear for all to see. Right foot, left foot, good control. Superb.

  22. efcmadskills18 says:

    No chance hes coming to West Ham

  23. JoeLovesAmie says:

    ha ha now he in the prem with derby! he aint goin to no shitty spurs

  24. greekgod4life44 says:


  25. SiYidarmy says:

    Next spurs player

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