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Heckingbottom wants to build team

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Barnsley’s manager Paul Heckingbottom said that he wants a chance to build a team at Barnsley.

He said that the team would go nowhere if they keep selling their best players and that they need to rebuild at the start of each season.

He said that understands that the club is a small one and that the only way to survive is to sell their best players, but he feels that as a manager he needs to be given a chance to build a team over a period of time.

He said that he wants people to judge him after he has managed to build a team over a period of time rather than to judge him after each season where he starts with some new faces.

He believes that the club needs to take a decision about their objectives. Either they become a selling club that keeps on selling their best players without any objectives of their own, or they want to become a successful club by building a team that will be able to compete with the other teams in the league.

Heckingbottom said that as a manager he wants to win games as well as trophies, and this is not going to happen if they keep on selling their most valuable players at the end of each season.

He believes that Barnsley can have a chance of improving if they keep their best players and it is up to the chairman to decide what he wants to achieve.

He said that this season would be a good opportunity for the club to start from scratch as they will have to bring in some new players to replace those that are gone. He said that this would be the time to decide whether they will be a selling club or build for the future.


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