John Ruddy Song + 2nd Crofts Goal vs. Barnsley

Tykes Video Rating: 5 / five

3 thoughts on “John Ruddy Song + 2nd Crofts Goal vs. Barnsley”

  1. CanaryJJ says:

    John Ruddy Ruddy, He’s Norwich’s Number 1, He’s Better than Bryan Gunn, John Ruddy Ruddy

    I haven’t heard it sung at any other games so it never really caught on. It’s noramlly everyone shouts Ruddy! Ruddy! in the same way they chant Jerry! Jerry! on the Jerry Springer Showe. We Are Premier League. OTBC

  2. bobo01010 says:

    how does all that song go?

  3. alexcoates10 says:

    Haha nice vid dude.

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