MOTD Liverpool 1-2 Barnsley FA Cup 5th Round 16/02/08

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25 thoughts on “MOTD Liverpool 1-2 Barnsley FA Cup 5th Round 16/02/08”

  1. jonnogeorge says:

    lol nice, literate and mature kid, good comeback. didnt realise that gerrard, kuyt, babel, xabi alonso and agger were all kids back in 2008, not playing for your first team week in week out.

    just another loss for self pity city fc i suppose

  2. Danwts says:

    seriously u barnsley fans are wasting ur time ur never gonna get in the BPL u might get in but u will go straight out so support a good descent team tbh.

  3. Danwts says:

    yes but they had there best team we played young players so shut ur big fat mouth u fishy fanny head

  4. jonnogeorge says:

    typical foreign fan/ young retard, thats not what footballs about in this country, real fans support their local team whether theyre in the prem or League 2. i remember this like it was yesterday, also this was the year that havant and waterlooville went to anfield as part timers and took the lead twice

  5. Danwts says:

    Barnsley are crap they have only been in the BPL once lol Liverpool have always stayed in the premier league. YNWA

  6. Tybo Wilson says:

    2-1 end of story liverpool scum shut ur gobs get a life just take it

  7. ThisCoolMan says:


  8. Jo baka says:

    What happened to pepe reina

  9. JACK195647 says:

    thats called a lack of respect

  10. thebarster says:

    barnsley fc we’r by far the geatist team the world has ever seen

  11. Mangopwnza says:

    I Know what you mean! Lower league teams for the win. I Support North End!

  12. paulpliviu says:

    one of the lucky teams ever…LFC had like 20 goal attempts that match..i remember Kewell missing at least 5 massive chances..

  13. toreman81 says:

    who the fuck is ittanjee

  14. ThisCoolMan says:


  15. hogalog says:

    try and disallow that ref you bent fucker!

  16. guitarreilly says:

    why would it be rigged rafa benitez nearly got sacked over this result he wouldnt purposely risk his job

  17. glavstillno1 says:


  18. John Winters says:

    Did anyone see Barnsley at home against Ipswich last week . winning 2-0 and then lost 5-2 this  game rigged.. the Barnsley midfield and team looked awful second half . like Junior football league

  19. olliegalli1234 says:

    nah, just shit defending

  20. John Winters says:

    that last goal was rigged. look at the way the liverpool players just casually let him through !

  21. killthegriffins says:

    @IginGames except it was at anfield…

  22. gun1421 says:


  23. TPH250290 says:

    Hmm it was Martin Atkinson who made the call as well. Couldn’t save the Scousers this time…

  24. xAzZa1 says:

    You’re comment betrays your intelligence, or lack of. How does the referee not giving a penalty mean Liverpool cheated? Silly downy. Also, even though I am neither, I would rather be a scouser than a depressing Brummie twat any day.

  25. sexysport201 says:

    i was there and still tingle at the fact we won also ask liverpool fans who went in their pub and sung leeds and man u songs against them US thats who all balls no brain lol

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