Nathan Doyle Goal, Barnsley VS Coventry

Tykes Video Rating: four / 5

14 thoughts on “Nathan Doyle Goal, Barnsley VS Coventry”

  1. tankdcfc says:

    im gonna show nathan this next time i see him or his bro…lol

  2. pohsibkram1 says:

    Strike of the season !! Defo mate

  3. IainThePro says:

    Unbelievable Tekkers

  4. prettygreenish says:

    Like one of mine, I hate Coventry like I hate cats

  5. sambfc90 says:

    strike son!

  6. glavstillno1 says:

    it was a thing of beauty


    What a peach!

  8. jimboBFC1 says:

    Have that ya southern wanabees long ball shite tossers

  9. MrAds46 says:

    fantastic goal, youuuu redssss

  10. TheAbbo83 says:

    gr8 goal!!!!

  11. xokellychannelox says:

    Amazing goal 🙂

  12. Vaile says:

    what a fucking beauty!

  13. heritagestevens says:


  14. Petrucho94 says:

    Awesome goal ! 😀

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