Barnsley 4 – 1 Ipswich

Tykes Online video Score: four / 5

7 thoughts on “Barnsley 4 – 1 Ipswich”

  1. SpasojevicNS says:

    Ljudi,mozda se vidimo ove sezone u vasem klubu… Dobio sam ponudu da igram за овај клуб. Ја сам из Србије,играм на poziciji levog штопера.

  2. SpasojevicNS says:


  3. JBOwl4life says:

    What’s the name of the tune played when the players come out of the tunnel for the second half?

  4. sebere2k6 says:

    Whats chances of finding your comment on here Stan xD

  5. stanleyladere says:

    gr8 hat-trick 4 howard but the bloody officials counted the lst goal as an own goal

  6. protoss0917 says:

    hahah ipswich suck

  7. wakttoo says:

    thx 4 uploding

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