Barnsley FC Best of 2005-2006 (so far)

Tykes Video Score: 4 / five

22 thoughts on “Barnsley FC Best of 2005-2006 (so far)”

  1. bfcricky says:

    This is a good video but whats with the shit music.

  2. fanofmusick says:

    what a goal! come on u reds!

  3. fishmonk1234 says:

    Peanut Butter

  4. fishmonk1234 says:

    West Brom v Pompey. 2-0 Albion.

  5. fishmonk1234 says:

    I can see you on the other side of the computers 😉

  6. 80svintage says:

    best team in world barnsley but wish hayes n nardi n shuker wo still 4 barnsley but i wish that we had barnsley in old days with redfearn n marcelle n hendrie n at last barnard but howard n devaney n ryce r da best but muller has got a bit rubbish coz stupid scum sodje kicked im in belly

  7. ibitmytongue says:

    azll teams have to lose and have a crap period.

  8. barnsleyowns says:

    great vid mate!! com on u redz!!

  9. creamofcardstv says:

    Your video clip is great and I’ve rated you as awesome. Please see my video clip on some 1930’s tobacco cards of association football cup winners from 1880-1929.

  10. superbarnsley says:

    Hayes is a great player. Cocky as owt.

  11. RobboRed says:

    Pity you’ve only won one since 🙂

  12. Scarface3010 says:

    sheff wed 3-0 barnsley 😛

    we deserved to get all six points over ya!

  13. Brettthetyke says:

    Hayes v gillingham what a goal

  14. RobboRed says:

    Whats that? Barnsley 1-0 Burnley

  15. Brettthetyke says:

    lol barnley learn to spell before you try to dis people

  16. RobboRed says:

    Im sure you did beat Barnley 4-2 you also beat BARNSLEY 4-2 as well

  17. azorn says:

    b oooooooooooooooooooooo burnley 4 barnley 2

  18. JACK195647 says:

    u fucking reds!

  19. twizta06 says:

    id like to fank the creator hu haz made a tremendous effort on this piece of history wwell done

  20. womanmagnetnumber1 says:

    up the reds!! ee-iy-ee-iy-ee-iy-oh!! proper football here go!!

  21. becksyisere says:

    c’mon tarn, we’re all guna cardiff, we’re all guna cardiff
    na na na na na na na na

  22. click2006 says:

    Legendary video. We’re gna Cardiff
    Andy Ritchie’s Red n White army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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