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Barnsley FC Best of 2005-2006 (so far)

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22 thoughts on “Barnsley FC Best of 2005-2006 (so far)”

  1. best team in world barnsley but wish hayes n nardi n shuker wo still 4 barnsley but i wish that we had barnsley in old days with redfearn n marcelle n hendrie n at last barnard but howard n devaney n ryce r da best but muller has got a bit rubbish coz stupid scum sodje kicked im in belly

  2. Your video clip is great and I’ve rated you as awesome. Please see my video clip on some 1930’s tobacco cards of association football cup winners from 1880-1929.

  3. id like to fank the creator hu haz made a tremendous effort on this piece of history wwell done

  4. c’mon tarn, we’re all guna cardiff, we’re all guna cardiff
    na na na na na na na na

  5. Legendary video. We’re gna Cardiff
    Andy Ritchie’s Red n White army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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