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David Ginola vs Barnsley

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18 thoughts on “David Ginola vs Barnsley”

  1. Yeah he’s all good and well when you’re 3-0 up at home. But could he do it on a wet wednesday night at Barnsley?

  2. that goal was nothing compared to Darren Barnards on the night, what was the score again??? lol i remember Klinsmann broke his jaw in this game and Les Ferdinhand cried about the ref afterwards, SUPER REDS!!!!

  3. i was behind the goal he scored in that night and believe me that was worth the petrol and ticket………..the rest of the game was shit……still,an amazing goal from an amazing player

  4. What a player, at his peak he was up there with the best of them. So much skill, shame he fell out with the French manager and didnt play much on the internetaional stage. He’d have been player of the tournament in 1998, imagine him and Zidane in midfield, I’d have them 2 over Gerard and Lampard anyday, its not a fair comparison really!

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