Barnsley v Brighton 1981-2 League Cup

Tykes Video clip Score: 5 / five

8 thoughts on “Barnsley v Brighton 1981-2 League Cup”

  1. bluebus270 says:

    This was my first Barnsley game and i was in the Ponty End. What a night (wednesday i think). I’ve been following the Reds ever since through poor and bad. I can’t follow any other team, though god knows i’ve tried.

  2. jwood36 says:

    “Trevor Aylott strikes quicker than the Yorkshire Miners”

  3. maxwell94 says:

    lol yea he’s still a taxi driver

  4. glavin04 says:

    If you ask him, I’m sure he’ll say he left Oakwell at the wrong time. He was taxi driving last I heard, is that still the case?

  5. maxwell94 says:

    never seen this b4 trevor aylotts my uncle aswell lmao

  6. jwood36 says:

    where are you getting these videos mate, not complaining it’s great to reminisce on these games, was near on 20,000 there that night and barely a brighton fan to be seen, had forgotten about mccarthy’s header but could never forget aylott’s sublime chip.

  7. phil531263 says:

    Awesome. What an awesome side. What a brilliant video. Nice one.

  8. madmark62 says:

    Fantastic memories of a fantatic team.

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