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Ryan Giggs -Top 11 Goals

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25 thoughts on “Ryan Giggs -Top 11 Goals”

  1. the man is a hero. 955 games 174 goals over 400 assists 22 years 31 trophies at the worlds most famous club no red cards longest serving most loyal successful british+ european ever , earned millions for unicef and still the most exciting player in the country. giggsy is beyond genius. and he still keeps private. I love the man. hes a hero who creates beauty and refuses to fuel sick gossip in a sick country over run with illegal hacking and gossip. there will never be another. thank you giggsy

  2. he is 38 years old and still playing football and still level at top
    OMG 😛
    Ryan giggs is the best player in the world

    who cares about Messi and C.Ronaldo

  3. The way he was played just like george best in previous era and messi in the new era..

  4. @RadiantSinner I did an audioswap for money. The old version of the video with music from The Killers can be found on my channel.

  5. damn, i’ve seen his goal vs arsenal so many times, it’s almost comical watching seaman trying to save it!

  6. I wish there were some way to put the mind of Ryan Giggs with all the experience he has now, into his old 19 year old body. He Would Sack Cities. 

  7. Despite being a Liverpool supporter, Giggs has been phenomenal player and a player
    you have to say your lucky to watch. Used to brick it good style whenever scholes , butt or
    Keane would play the ball out to him as he’d just run a fullback ragged.

    Deffo the second best winger I’ve seen over my lifetime.

  8. @bbbg1998 Correction my friend, He IS better than Messi!! just a lil bit underrated!!

  9. Not a utd fan but its been a pleasure watching giggs over the years. he was like a fucking gazelle.

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