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Darren Barnard Barnsley v Huddersfield

Tykes Video clip Ranking: five / five

25 thoughts on “Darren Barnard Barnsley v Huddersfield”

  1. Seen Christian Bale score a goal today for Spurs that was similar to this one, all the tv experts raved about it (rightly so it was a great strike) but this was better

  2. i remember this , and i think its the best goal ive ever seen, outside of the left foot great goal

  3. What a goal, i was there, best goal ive ever seen, truely awesome, how it only got 2nd best goal of the season, god only knows!!!

  4. beckham is better than ronaldo is freekick and swurfing the ball way…but ronaldo is much better than beckham in skill etc

  5. Started his career at Wokingham Town FC (RIP WTFC – Crooks in charge sold our club to house builders)
    Sold for £100K to Chelsea, loaned to Reading then sold to Bristl City £750K, then sold to Barnsly £750K,then sold (free) to Grimsby, then sold (free) to Aldershot, where his playing career ended.

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