Darren Barnard Barnsley v Huddersfield

Tykes Video clip Ranking: five / five

25 thoughts on “Darren Barnard Barnsley v Huddersfield”

  1. FenrirInBarnsley says:

    @TheEmpireOfJarvis Strike that – they’d be wanking over it lol

  2. MrGlyndog says:

    I was there best goal I ever seen in real life

  3. jekk23 says:

    Beautiful game it was… proud to have been there

  4. squarielman says:

    I was there, get in !!!

  5. thetomtyke says:

    Gareth Bale has nothing on this.

  6. jwood36 says:

    Seen Christian Bale score a goal today for Spurs that was similar to this one, all the tv experts raved about it (rightly so it was a great strike) but this was better

  7. Sueysidol says:

    “Barnard drives it…”

  8. swanzm30 says:

    i remember this , and i think its the best goal ive ever seen, outside of the left foot great goal

  9. Samsterps says:


  10. TheEmpireOfJarvis says:

    If That Was Scored By Machester Or Liverpool They Would Be Still Showing That

  11. barnsleybomber says:

    What a goal, i was there, best goal ive ever seen, truely awesome, how it only got 2nd best goal of the season, god only knows!!!

  12. 786293 says:

    beautiful!!!!!!!!!  no comment!!!!

  13. smiffyuk4 says:

    Beckham is better than ronaldo

  14. smiffyuk4 says:

    I agree

  15. SimonDolan says:

    He was rubbish for Grimsby.

  16. PeteHTAFC says:

    hope the dingles come down this season

  17. adcdabest says:

    beckham is better than ronaldo is freekick and swurfing the ball way…but ronaldo is much better than beckham in skill etc

  18. bfcricky says:

    best goal EVER

  19. rhodzi08 says:

    i dint mean that tho ='{

  20. greendayluke57 says:

    You say that as if Beckham’s better than Ronaldo! LOL

  21. rhodzi08 says:

    not even ronaldinho or beckham cud do tht never mind ronaldo

  22. BarnsleyTyke08 says:

    The best goal ever! Even cheating ronaldo wouldn’t manage that

  23. jekk23 says:

    Get in.

  24. feckyouejeets says:

    Started his career at Wokingham Town FC (RIP WTFC – Crooks in charge sold our club to house builders)
    Sold for £100K to Chelsea, loaned to Reading then sold to Bristl City £750K, then sold to Barnsly £750K,then sold (free) to Grimsby, then sold (free) to Aldershot, where his playing career ended.

  25. TelandRed says:

    Awesome left foot.

    Them wor the days

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