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5 thought on “Ipswich Vs Barnsley Goals Dodgey Keeper! Chants”

  1. garyuk17 says:

    worst chanting ive heard in history!

  2. dmpcornwall says:

    Well it was nice to see that Steele maintained Muller’ssterling work from last season, on Saturday.


  3. joshiboy12 says:

    ermm how are ipswitch doin this season mate 🙂 , yh thats wot i thought and how ar barnsley doin ;), yh thats wot i thought agen u prikk

  4. BarnsleyIhateDeedars says:

    i’d be louder on my own


  5. Cottonkidd says:

    lol that keeper was shit the first and last goals were funny Garvens was good though

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