Crofts Goal for Norwich V Barnsley.mpg

Tykes Video clip Score: five / five

9 thoughts on “Crofts Goal for Norwich V Barnsley.mpg”

  1. MadAboutAltonTowers says:

    Welcome to wolves 🙂

  2. Schmidteren says:

    This goal is kind of similar just better… 🙂


  3. dannyboyatki says:

    remembering Justin Fashanu’s “celebration” was so cool, one armed raised, as if he scored goals like that every game.

  4. rowangavin says:

    it is always norwich with those amazing goals

  5. liamcicada says:


  6. wayne7888 says:


  7. xpm5846 says:

    what a goal

  8. CanaryStarFish says:

    You’ve got to compare to the Justin Fashanus goal of the season corker

  9. trackstarfan says:

    Brilliant goal!!

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