Barnsley goal against Cardiff

Tykes Video Rating: five / five

12 thoughts on “Barnsley goal against Cardiff”

  1. DonforDead says:


  2. LukeRoby1994 says:

    thats the bit of look reds hav needed agenst cardiff

  3. AndyRitchiesbestbud says:

    shithouse!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

  4. adji4kt says:

    ta mate safe gud luk 4 rest of season

  5. barnsleyboy18 says:

    Great video mate, cheers.

  6. flemtyke says:

    brilliant shithooouse!!! haha

  7. fredboot says:

    Yipeeeeeeeeee, uuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrreds

  8. TykeTube21 says:


  9. TYKE4LIFE says:


  10. 6Foster6 says:

    you reds!!

  11. CardiffCasual1 says:


  12. HOYLANDRED says:

    hey up shithouse! U f***ing reds!!!

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