Sky Sports Reacts to Barnsley goal over Liverpool

Tykes Video Score: five / 5

8 thoughts on “Sky Sports Reacts to Barnsley goal over Liverpool”

  1. whitbyjet65 says:

    @TheKing7869 Yes.

  2. besly988 says:

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  3. Huddzliam says:

    You lost plain and simple you had a shit day.

  4. PeteGeeza86 says:

    I love Soccer Saturday and all laughs/banter.

  5. TheKing7869 says:

    you really think that liverpool would lose to barnsley if we tried

  6. jacknellie666 says:

    makes me shiver every time
    come on you reds!!!!

  7. Barnsley18 says:

    whay!! easy as. And now we beat you chelsea, you must be shit too

  8. cfcfan21 says:

    This is Great … Flopperpool .. They are shit ..

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