That’s the way ah ha ah ha…I like it….

Tykes Video clip Score: 3 / 5

11 thoughts on “That’s the way ah ha ah ha…I like it….”

  1. JamezRodriegez says:

    chill dude

  2. bcfcben555 says:

    bristol city

    city til i die cmon city: u lot r fukin scum

  3. BeBeAyumi says:

    omg…. I think I saw 3 versions of that song O.o…….

  4. stanere2k7 says:

    well said

  5. shahedahmadzai says:

    u beta wish i dont see u bec if i do ill kick ur candy ass

  6. shahedahmadzai says:

    fuck you too

  7. shahedahmadzai says:

    fuck you

  8. stanere2k7 says:


  9. LCFCguy125 says:

    how pathetic

  10. ktupdarams says:

    Lmao…Dat Was So Fekin Funni!!

  11. Luke Barraclough says:

    Quality! haha

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